Meet Charles Fitzpatrick

Charles Fitzpatrick

Charles Fitzpatrick embarked on his insurance journey alongside his father in Indiana about 37 years ago. His early days were characterized by extensive travel to clients’ homes, providing guidance in selecting Medicare and Long-Term Care insurance. Through his initial years as an insurance agent, Charles’ clients played an important role in shaping his professional development. Specializing solely in Medicare and Long-Term Care insurance sales (37 years), he gradually decided to expand his expertise based on his clients’ needs incorporating P&C insurance (21 years), and (7 years) mortgages.

Charles’s multifaceted background has enabled him to adopt a comprehensive and holistic approach to serving his clients. From the beginning he recognized that employing high-pressure sales tactics was not the path to success. With a steady commitment to his clients’ best interests, his primary mission statement became, “I am not here to sell you something; I am here to assist you through your options so you can choose what is best for you.” This approach has brought him to a client base of over 2,000 and a loyal referral network. Having all of these services available gives Charles the vehicle to serve you in any way you may need.