When can You File a Claim on Flood Insurance?

Even if you weren’t required by your mortgage company to purchase flood insurance for your Myrtle Beach, SC home, at Benefit Insurance Services we want to remind you of all the instances where it could protect your most valuable investment.

Hurricanes and Rainstorms

In our coastal neighborhood, the most obvious cause for flooding is the occasional hurricane and its accompanying torrential rainfall.  Even if you live miles from the ocean, small streams and gullies can overflow right into your basement. Flood insurance will help you repair the damage done to your home and get your heat and air conditioning working again.

Tidal Surge and Spring Flooding

Even if the hurricane is out to sea, we can experience a significant tidal surge. One minute you are high and dry and the next a surge of salty ocean water is flooding your garage, yard, and home. Rivers can also reach flood stage without Myrtle Beach, SC ever seeing a drop of rain. Your flood insurance will come into play in these circumstances. 

Water Main Breaks and Swimming Pool Collapse

Maybe your neighborhood is built far away from any body of water. But there are still water mains under the road–maybe in front of your home. Do you own a swimming pool?  When these types of structures fail, water appears where it has never been before. Your flood insurance will help you recover from such catastrophic damage.

What It Won’t Do

If your roof develops a leak, flood insurance will not help to repair water damage. It also does not protect you from a dishwasher or washing machine leak. The water must come from a source outside of your home.

Even if your home has avoided flood damage in the past, there is no guarantee you won’t see floods in the future. Give us a call at Benefit Insurance Services and ask how flood insurance can help to complete your home protection plan.