Will Auto Insurance Pay for Medical Bills?

If you are hurt in a car accident, your first concern is getting proper medical treatment. But closely following that, you may wonder who is going to pay the medical bills. There is no blanket answer that covers all situations. Three important factors are involved: the type of accident, the state you live in, and the type of insurance you have.

No-Fault Insurance

If you live in a no-fault state, then your own insurance will pay for your injury regardless of who is at fault. And the other party’s insurance will pay for their expenses. There are limits, of course, to how much insurance companies will pay. This limit varies from state to state. If your expenses exceed that limit, you are responsible; your health care insurance may then take over and cover the additional expenses.

There are twelve states that have no-fault insurance laws. What about South Carolina?

In South Carolina

South Carolina does not have no-fault laws. So your liability insurance will cover injuries to the other party if you are at fault. Liability insurance includes bodily injury liability coverage, which will pay for your medical expenses. Again, there are limits to this coverage, and if the limit is exceeded, then the at-fault party is responsible for paying the extra amount. Your health insurance would generally cover the additional costs associated with your medical expenses. Benefit Insurance Services, which serves Myrtle Beach, SC, can provide more information and details.

Get the Right Coverage

It is important to have adequate coverage so you’re not left with a huge medical bill. Benefit Insurance Services can help you through these murky waters and find a policy that’s best for you. Serving Myrtle Beach, SC and other coastal South Carolina cities, you can rely on their experience and expertise.

Winter is On Its Way: Are You Ready?

As the seasons change, you are not the only one that needs to unpack your coats and mittens. Get your house ready for cooler temps so you can all weather the winter together.  Let’s be real though, residents of Surfside Beach, SC may not have to deal with 6 ft. snow drifts during the winter, but it doesn’t mean they should ignore the changing seasons.

Rain, Rain and More Rain

El Niño is a Pacific Ocean phenomenon that impacts winter weather in the Carolinas by drawing moisture into the atmosphere and blowing it up and across the Southeast United States. This typically brings above average rainfall from December through February. Luckily, temperatures during winter months are pretty mild with averages in the 50’s and 60’s a majority of the time. Don’t be fooled into complacency though, Surfside Beach usually sees around 40 days of freezing temperatures.

Make Sure Your Home is Prepared for the Unexpected This Winter

Hurricane season and El Niño are no joking matter. Although Surfside Beach is popular because of its warmer winters, heavy rainfall and occasional frosts can wreak havoc on your home. There are steps you can take to help prepare your home and hopefully prevent major damage.

  • Clear drainage ditches regularly.

  • Sandbags, plywood and plastic sheeting is good to have for emergencies.

  • Put valuables upstairs if there is a possibility of flooding.

  • Make sure you have a valve to stop sewer back-ups.

Benefit Insurance Services serves Surfside Beach, SC with agents who can guide you in keeping your home fully covered in the event nature takes a turn for the worse. Homeowners insurance may not cover you if damage is caused by flooding. Speak to an agent at B.I.S. to determine if you need additional coverage in your area.




Socastee Commercial Insurance

Socastee, SC offers a wealth of opportunities for individuals and visitors, and its small coastal community exemplifies Myrtle Beach attractions. From the South Caroline Civil War Museum to Pawley Islands attractions, the area contains a variety of gems to be sought from both community members and out-of-towners visiting the 29588 area code.


Commercial Insurance Options


Few things promote business integrity and expansion like commercial insurance, and obtaining commercial insurance quotes promotes feasibility, flexibility and scaling options. Small, medium and large-size businesses should protect their products and tools, and their liability to others should remain a paramount ideal.


Commercial insurance grants businesses the ability to retain income while keeping doors open, and it reduces internal risks. The following individuals directly benefit from commercial insurance, and they rely heavily upon accessible quotes and experienced agents:


  • Small business operators

  • Personal directors

  • Company risk managers

  • Office managers

  • Staff


Protection and Integrity


Businesses and organizations often require custom-tailored insurance plans to maintain operations and prepare for unexpected losses. A variety of South Carolina providers are available, and our intensive quote comparison system guarantees full coverage of commercial insurance provider options.


Property and liability insurance are integral commercial insurance components, and they protect a business from the following dangers:


  • Loss of possessions

  • Employee injuries

  • Defense settlements

  • Property damage


Solution Variety


Company insurance should be flexible, and many providers within our quote comparison system offer a wide array of solutions for damaged property and service protection. Where integrity is considered, internal operations are as important as external services, and commercial insurance often guards many assets:


  • Securities

  • Machinery

  • Premises improvements

  • Mobile property

  • Valuable documents


Transactions, customer services and product lines require an intensive protection program, and each solution offers a slew of benefits adhering to local and state regulations. Where innovative expansion and protection are considered—commercial insurance isn’t a benefit, it’s a requirement.