South Carolina Health Insurance: How to Buy Health Insurance After You Graduate

Graduation is an exciting moment in life, but for so many adults, the day after begins to be filled with dread. What’s next? One thing you will worry about is how to cover your health insurance. There are options for you.

At Benefit Insurance Services, we want Myrtle Beach, SC graduates to be prepared for this life change when it comes to their health care. You can stay on your parent’s policy if you have been doing that, or you can seek health care options. 

A job with benefits can help as well, of course, but that doesn’t always happen right away. We can help.

Short-Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance is one option for health care that can provide coverage for you when you are undergoing a change in your existing coverage. This insurance will help you to fill the gaps in any coverage you had with your parents or a previous policy, and one with a new employer.

You will always have a waiting period with a new job before health care benefits will begin for you. Short term health insurance can bridge the gap between one policy and another while you are looking for work. 

You can get short-term health insurance for as long as 364 days now, and that includes options to renew for as long as three years in many cases. If you have just started work but need something before you can access that health care, you can purchase a three or six-month health care insurance policy. 

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When you have just graduated, the thrill of your new life after all your hard work is the prevailing feeling. When you have life’s details such as health care worked out, you will feel more relaxed about the next chapter. At Benefit Insurance Services, we can help Myrtle Beach, SC graduates find the relief of health care. Call us for a quote today.