How renters insurance protects your personal belongings

How Renters’ Insurance Protects Your Personal Belongings

Renters insurance was particularly designed to protect your personal belongings from loss, damage, or liability for third-party injuries in your rental home. While it’s not always mandatory in Myrtle Beach, SC, renters’ insurance is a critical policy to have as a tenant. Remember your landlord’s policy only covers the building and not your personal belongings.

If you are looking to buy renters insurance to protect your valuables, Benefit Insurance Services can help you find coverage that matches your needs.

Protects Your Valuables From Theft

Your personal property coverage in renters’ insurance helps pay to replace the stolen items. However, it’s essential to keep an updated inventory for easier reimbursement. Additionally, you need to make sure that your coverage equals the value of your possessions. Property coverage is typically subjected to deductibles, which means you would have to pay a specific amount of money towards the covered item replacement or repair before your insurer pays for the loss.

Provides Protection When You Travel

Renters insurance not only protects your personal belongings at your rented apartment but also when you travel. If you travel a lot and take part of your possessions with you, renters insurance provides limited coverage based on the agreed limits. Check with your insurance provider for details on what is covered and what is not.

Additional Living Expenses

Suppose your Myrtle Beach, SC home becomes unlivable due to fire damage or any other peril. In that case, renters insurance can help settle you in a convenient location where you can live a normal life like going to work or school and having access to other amenities. If you choose to live in a hotel, your insurance company may compensate you for the additional costs incurred during the stay. The amount may vary based on your policy limits.

Renters insurance is an essential policy for every tenant. If you haven’t bought yours yet, our insurance experts at Benefit Insurance Services are ready to provide advice and guide you through the process so you make an informed decision. Call us today!