5 Types of Commercial Insurance

Business owners find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to choosing a commercial for the business. Many will go for the basic liability insurance and forget that there are several other policies available.  If you live in Myrtle Beach, SC, visit Benefit Insurance Services to get a commercial insurance. The following 5 types of commercial insurance are also available.

1. Overhead insurance

This a very important commercial insurance policy. Overhead insurance covers things like salaries, taxes, utilities and rent in the event that the owner is unavailable due to sickness or any other reason. As a result, the business owner will have the peace of mind that the business will not crumble when they are absent.

2. Business interruption insurance

This is another very important policy. It helps the business to recover losses in case the business was interrupted for a period of time maybe due to fire or theft. This insurance will ensure that the business is running again and the owner does not have to worry about the losses incurred.

3. Workers compensation insurance

Many businesses employ workers to efficiently run the business. However small the number of workers is, a compensation insurance should be a priority. This will help protect the workers earnings in case they are injured while doing their job. It is also important to note that even if the job has the owner as the employee, they should get this policy to help safeguard the savings of the business.

4. Property insurance

The property insurance is acquired to help protect your property in case of damage. The property may range from furniture, building and inventory. The damaged property will be replaced at no cost. This is also recommended for business owners.

5. Automobile insurance

Commercial automobile insurance will cover the vehicles, trucks and vans used by your business. The policy will help repair the vehicles in case they are damaged in case of accidents. If the driver also injures a property or person, this will also be covered. Myrtle Beach, SC can visit Benefit Insurance Services to get a commercial insurance.


5 Benefits of Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is a true benefit to any business. Without it, you run the risk of facing a set back of any kind, property loss or other, without the means to quickly and adequately recover. Commercial insurance has many benefits, however, all states differ in terms of the type of insurance required for businesses. South Carolina doesn’t require a business owner to have a comprehensive commercial insurance policy, however, there are certain types of insurance that are required. These benefits provide protection for employees and commercial property that offer security and peace of mind. 

Protection for Employees and Business Property

Companies that have four or more employees and have company driven vehicles are required to carry workman’s compensation and a commercial auto insurance policy. This ensures that an employee that is injured or harmed can be covered by workman’s compensation. A commercial auto policy is also a requirement for businesses with a company vehicle and provides protection for employees and the company vehicle as well. Your Myrtle Beach, SC commercial insurance provider can go over Benefit Insurance Services to ensure that business owners are well aware of how these policies work.

Damage Protection for Customers, Your Building, and Property

No business owner wants to foot the bill for a tree limb that falls on the roof of their office building or an electrical fire that destroys office computers. Commercial insurance protects the exterior of your business facility as well as the property in your office. This insurance can include protection for your customers as well. For example, if a customer falls and hurts themselves while at your facility your commercial policy can cover their medical bills.

Commercial insurance can be the difference between your company going under or staying afloat. It protects your business, employees, and property from unforeseen circumstances. Without it, you run the risk of facing a setback, property loss or any number of things, without the means to quickly and adequately recover. 

Why and When Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Many people have trouble determining whether they need a commercial auto insurance policy or have trouble understanding what function it serves. Commercial auto insurance provides coverage if you’re using your car for business purposes. Some vehicle types and business vehicle uses may cause someone to not be able to use his or her personal policy in the event of an accident, and it can be confusing to determine what your situation requires. For a friendly chat with a knowledgeable representative who will be able to clearly explain the type of policy you need, contact Benefit Insurance Services, which serves the Myrtle Beach, SC area.

Do I Really Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Generally speaking, if your car is used for tasks that are related to your occupation, business, or profession, you need a commercial auto insurance policy. However, it’s important to notice that commuting to work doesn’t count as a requirement for a commercial policy. Other reasons that you might need a commercial policy include:

  • You’re using your car for transporting people or goods and charging a fee. For example, Uber or Lyft drivers fall into this category.
  • You’re using your car to conduct a service. For example, if you’re a mobile notary, your personal policy will likely not cover you if you’re traveling for work.
  • If the nature of your work requires you to have higher than normal limits, you may need a commercial policy.
  • If your business requires you to tow a trailer, or you’re hauling a hefty amount of equipment or tools.
  • If your employees are using the vehicle, or if the vehicle is owned by a partnership or corporation, you may need a commercial auto policy.

Everyone’s situation is different, and it’s not a good idea to hope that your personal auto insurance policy will cover you in the event of an accident. For peace of mind, contact Benefit Insurance Services, which serves Myrtle Beach, SC, to find out if commercial auto insurance is for you.

What’s Unique about Commercial Insurance

A commercial insurance policy provides coverage in a way that it protects a business. Not only does it provide protection over the business owner, but also over its employees. Since there are no two companies that are exactly alike, this means that there is no one-size-fits-all business insurance policy. The specifics of your company will determine the exact type of commercial business policy you need to purchase. Let’s take a quick look at a few things that are unique about commercial insurance. 

When it comes to buying insurance for a business, many business owners want to know the exact type of insurance they should be purchasing as well as how much the premiums are going to cost. What should be remembered, though, is that there are multiple factors that affect commercial insurance costs. Commercial insurance is unique because it is affected by the number of employees you have, the gross annual revenue of your company, the location of your business, your number of years in business, and more. You will also need to provide information relating to whether or not the property in which you conduct your business out of is owned, leased, or rented. 

Other factors that are going to influence the exact type of commercial insurance you need for your company include whether or not you own any company vehicles and how often your employees drive them. It should also be noted that there are several types of commercial insurance, including commercial health insurance. The exact types of different commercial insurance you should invest in will be determined by your business’ specific needs. The best way to learn about the types you should buy is by contacting Benefit Insurance Services in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

Do You Need Commercial Insurance For Your Home Business?

Running a successful business from your Myrtle Beach, SC home can be a tough, yet fulfilling way to make a living. However, having a business run from your home can complicate matters from an insurance standpoint. Fortunately, the experts at Benefit Insurance Services can help you find the right type of insurance for your unique needs.

It’s all too common for home business owners to rely solely on their homeowner’s insurance policies to cover their business equipment. However, most homeowner policies don’t apply to home business operations. If you lose vital business equipment to a fire or theft, there’s a good chance it won’t be covered under your existing homeowners policy. Your insurer may even decide to cancel your policy if such losses occur. Having commercial insurance for your home business insures that you can cover any losses that occur without worrying about it affecting your homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Another reason to have commercial insurance is to prevent physical losses from shutting down your business operations. If something happens that causes your business to lose a substantial amount of income or threatens to shut down your business altogether, your commercial coverage may be able to help you weather the storm.

Commercial insurance can also protect your home business against common liability risks, including bodily injury or property damage that’s business-related. Your homeowner’s insurance policy won’t cover claims stemming from services rendered, so it’s a good idea to have commercial insurance that can take care of these and other liability issues.

There’s no reason to be without commercial insurance coverage for your home business. If you’re in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, you can turn to Benefit Insurance Services for a policy that best matches your home business needs.

Is Your Commercial Property Protected?

Basic insurance is likely not near enough to protect your business and employees. Commercial insurance can offer peace of mind and a solid foundation of security if something goes wrong. This is never more vital than when it comes to your company, lively hood, and the well being of your employees. It may come as a surprise the domino effect that can cause important things to come toppling down, but being well insured protects your life from the repercussions of that first domino so it never reaches the point of complete disaster. 

Why Bother With Commercial Insurance? 

  • Commercial insurance policies can be tailored to the specific needs of your company, so you get the coverage you need. 
  • That moment when something goes wrong and you are not covered is bleak. But it can be avoided with a short phone call. 
  • There is more than just your own livelihood relying on your business being covered. If you have employees who depend on your company for their income is it vital to be protected. 
  • Whether you are protecting your companies’ vehicles, your commercial property, your money, or your building, some level of coverage will mean a catastrophe is just a bump in the history of your company instead of an end all. 

Contact us a Benefit Insurance Services for a quote on insurance for all aspects of your life both business and personal. We serve Surfside Beach and the surrounding areas for all their personal, vehicle, and commercial insurance needs. You can’t control the weather or the economy; sometimes things just happen. You can, though, control the amount of insurance coverage you carry. 


Understanding Commercial Insurance: What to Consider Before Buying a Policy

It may not seem like it, but commercial insurance actually offers an excellent value to the owner of the establishment. Typically you’re covered against the structure, the equipment and inventory, your actual cash and securities as well as the accounts you have on record. However, there are a few things you may not be aware of. Here are a few tips so you can better understand commercial insurance. 

Property Insurance 

Typically anything under the property is included, even mobile equipment and intangible factors such as your trademark. A qualified agent can tell you more about how insurance in Surfside, SC works. However, there are some major exclusions to property insurance too. Flooding is not generally included in properties, and it can be a real shock for people to learn they have no recourse when they experience water damage. You may also not see any relief if you were to have other events happen like windstorms or riot damage. 

Property Assessment 

If you’re embarking on a path to get the best policy, try making a list of everything you’d want to save and what exactly you want to save it from. An agent will be able to point out all the potential possibilities, but this is a good start for you to see where you stand when it comes to your policy. Going over the true value of your business, including how much revenue you’d lose from having to close up shop, lets you see just how much you stand to lose. Benefit Insurance Services serves Surfside Beach, SC and can interpret and explain the different plans to you. If you need additional coverage, you can get your property started on the right foot. Give us a call today for more information!

Replace Worry with Adequate Commercial Coverage

Socastee, South Carolina is known for its historic swing bridge, pecan grove and tourist areas. It comes to life as the weather warms and dollars pour into the area. If you are a business owner in the Horry County area, you are likely looking forward to a successful season ahead.

There are a lot of things to be concerned about. You have to worry about having enough inventory, if the weather will be good, and whether the money will be there at the end of the month. There is a simple step you can take to help ease some of your worries. That is a commercial insurance review from Benefit Insurance Services.

With a business insurance review, you can get peace of mind knowing if you have appropriate coverage from coastal storms, flooding, lighting and winds. You can discover if your storefront windows are covered in a break-in, and if you have sufficient protection to cover the costs of replacing lost inventory. One call to Benefit Insurance Services can bring a bit a peace of mind at least to one area of running your business.

Benefit Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency. That means our agents can seek commercial insurance quotes from multiple providers. This can result in more options, better coverage, and savings. They are qualified to review the policies of any insurance company. They will help you discover where you are, and aren’t, protected.

If you live or work in the 29588 zip code area, try us online with no obligation quote on your auto and homeowners insurance. It is a simple way to experience the savings for yourself. For your commercial insurance quote, contact us directly.

You have a lot to think about as the warmer weather approaches. Don’t let your commercial insurance coverage be one of them. Contact Benefit Insurance Services today and replace worry with adequate coverage.

Spring Break and Beyond for Your Surfside Beach Business

It has been a long winter in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. Not as long as some areas of the country of course, but we’ve had our share of cold weather. Most along the Grand Strand are ready Spring Break and the warmer weather it brings. Surfside Beach businesses are certainly getting prepared for the season ahead. If you are a business owner in the area, are you sure your commercial insurance is ready?

Many businesses renew their commercial policies each year without much thought. As long as the premium doesn’t change, they simply choose to make the payment and move on. That could be costing them money. It also could be putting their business at risk.

You see, most businesses change as time passes. Some expand or carry new products or larger inventories. Others add equipment or electronics. Are you sure your changes have been properly accounted for with your commercial insurance coverage?

A business insurance review can help ease your mind. Benefit Insurance Services is an independent agency serving the Surfside Beach area. We know the dangers of our coastal weather and how to protect businesses in the region. As independent agents, we have the ability to review any commercial insurance policy, no matter what company underwrote it. What’s more, if your coverage is lacking, we can search many companies to find improved coverage. We may even be able to save you money.

We would love to show you what we can do for you. Start with a visit to our website and requesting an online comparative quote for your auto insurance or homeowners insurance. Once you see the savings, we believe you will also want a quote on your commercial insurance.

For a free, no obligation commercial insurance review, contact us at Benefit Insurance Services. Your Surfside Beach business is not truly prepared for the season until you do.

Socastee Commercial Insurance

Socastee, SC offers a wealth of opportunities for individuals and visitors, and its small coastal community exemplifies Myrtle Beach attractions. From the South Caroline Civil War Museum to Pawley Islands attractions, the area contains a variety of gems to be sought from both community members and out-of-towners visiting the 29588 area code.


Commercial Insurance Options


Few things promote business integrity and expansion like commercial insurance, and obtaining commercial insurance quotes promotes feasibility, flexibility and scaling options. Small, medium and large-size businesses should protect their products and tools, and their liability to others should remain a paramount ideal.


Commercial insurance grants businesses the ability to retain income while keeping doors open, and it reduces internal risks. The following individuals directly benefit from commercial insurance, and they rely heavily upon accessible quotes and experienced agents:


  • Small business operators

  • Personal directors

  • Company risk managers

  • Office managers

  • Staff


Protection and Integrity


Businesses and organizations often require custom-tailored insurance plans to maintain operations and prepare for unexpected losses. A variety of South Carolina providers are available, and our intensive quote comparison system guarantees full coverage of commercial insurance provider options.


Property and liability insurance are integral commercial insurance components, and they protect a business from the following dangers:


  • Loss of possessions

  • Employee injuries

  • Defense settlements

  • Property damage


Solution Variety


Company insurance should be flexible, and many providers within our quote comparison system offer a wide array of solutions for damaged property and service protection. Where integrity is considered, internal operations are as important as external services, and commercial insurance often guards many assets:


  • Securities

  • Machinery

  • Premises improvements

  • Mobile property

  • Valuable documents


Transactions, customer services and product lines require an intensive protection program, and each solution offers a slew of benefits adhering to local and state regulations. Where innovative expansion and protection are considered—commercial insurance isn’t a benefit, it’s a requirement.