Staying Safe While Taking Your Jet Ski to Surfside Beach, SC

Many people enjoy riding jet skis, as a visit to any of South Carolina’s beaches on a weekend afternoon will show you. Whenever you bring your jet ski to the shore, it’s important to safely enjoy using it. The next time you trailer your jet ski to the beach, be sure to heed these suggestions. They’ll help you stay safe on the water and avoid a potential claim on your personal watercraft insurance.

The water can be a lot of fun, but it also must be respected. Every time you head out on your jet ski, make sure that everyone has a life jacket on and the driver can legally operate the jet ski. In South Carolina, all children under 16 must take a boater education course prior to operating a jet ski. They’re able to ride without a license, but they can’t drive the jet ski without one.

Insuring Your Jet Ski

Additionally, you should carry an insurance policy for your jet ski. Personal watercraft insurance is similar to automobile insurance, except it’s designed to insure your jet ski. Coverage may include:

  • protection for your jet ski
  • protection for your trailer
  • coverage for any damage you cause to others’ property
  • medical payments coverage

If you jet ski at Surfside Beach, SC, personal watercraft insurance agents at our office would be happy to talk with you about insurance options. At Benefit Insurance Services, our agents are independent insurance agents, so they can compare all of the different personal watercraft insurance options that are available to you. They’ll help you find the protection you need, so you can stay safe on the water. To speak with a licensed agent, call us today.