Is Vision Covered Under My Health Insurance Policy

We often take our vision for granted until it becomes a problem.  Every day we wake up, open our eyes and step out of bed.  We complete these routine thousands of times throughout our lives, but things change over time. We grow and our bodies change and mark the passing of time.  What we see and how we see it changes over time.  At some point, we call our vision provider.  We wonder how we will pay for it later.  It isn’t always clear if our health insurance will pay for our visit with the provider.  Benefit Insurance Services wants to help by providing answers as to whether vision is covered under your health insurance policy. 

Medical Conditions Causing Vision Loss

There are lots of things to see and do in Myrtle Beach, SC  but it can be hard when you’re sick and it causes vision loss. Sometimes illness or medical conditions cause vision loss. Medical conditions such as Diabetes, Lyme Disease, Homocystinuria, Sarcoidosis  cause changes in eyesight   

When vision loss is related to a medical condition your health insurance may cover an appointment with an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. There are a range of issues that can arise secondary to medical conditions and when issues arise it becomes necessary to treat the problem.  If your vision loss is secondary to some other problem you may be covered.  

Routine Eye Exams

If your need is simple and all you need is a new prescription for contacts or glasses health insurance probably won’t cover the appointment.  This is where vision coverage takes over and covers the appointment.

There are lots of options for providers and insurance companies in Myrtle Beach, SC and Benefit Insurance company wants you to have answers to all of your questions about eye care and health insurance.

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